Solar Street Light

The solar street lighting system is a stand-alone widely-distributed power suppply system without geographical restrictions. not to be impacted by the location of their electrical installation and without any need for excavation of road for wire layout construction and it is convenient in site construction and installation without any need for power transmission or transformation systems, which is environmental protection friendly. energy-saving. good in comprehensive economic benefits. particularly convenient for finished roads to add solar street lights. In particular. for those street lights, outdoor billboards, bus platform applications on the roads far away from the grid, their economic benefits are all the more obvious.

Working Principle

The solar panel generates current when sunlight hit the cells which are welded in different series and parallel according to 12V or 24V system requirement .Current will charge battery through solar controller which preset with protection function of over charge and over discharge, working duration time for LED lamp.

When darkness comes, voltage of solar panel will drop down which triggers the solar controller open circuit to discharge, and that makes LED lamp turn on.

How to configure a suitable solar street lights

As solar radiation and rainy season varies largely around the world. There are factors determine system configuration.

  • Installation country or city, for example, Dubai, solar panel will be calculated based on solar radiation in this city from data of NASA.
  • Average consecutive rainy days, for example, most common rainy days consecutively is 3 days, which means rainy or cloudy for three days in a row. It determines battery capacity for backup during the low efficient charging days.
  • Road width and distance or area that will install lights. For example, a 6 meter width road with 5km length.
  • Illuminance requirement, for example, 20 lux on ground center.

Four facts about the solar street light

Easy Installation

Simple installation without need for laying complex lines, only a cement base required to be fixed with screws

Economic & Environmental Friendly

No need for payment of electricity fee,green and environmental protection.

No Hidden Danger

There is no hidden danger in safty, as a safe DC current below 36V in voltage is adopted for the solar street lights, and it is impossible to exist any safety problem.

Longer Service Life

The main components of the solar street lights - solar cell panels have a service life of 25 years; the average life expectancy of super high brightness LED is more than 50,000 hours;the service life of the storage battery for solar energy only is 5-7 years.

Split Type Solar Street Light

We uses burying, hanging and top mounted methods to place gel or lithium-ion battery for split-type solar street light. With customized solar panel and high-efficiency luminaire, it could meet lighting requirements in different applications.

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Smart Integrated Solar Street Light

Smart lithium battery solar street light integrates lithium-ion battery, controller, solar panel, luminaire and smart motion sensor into one device, which making installation and maintance more convenient. it becomes more efficient and energy-saving and prolongs the lighting time with microwave radar and intelligent adjustment.

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Frequently asked questions

In order to provide the best solution of solar lighting system for you, what information are you required to provide?
  • Detailed installation locations, we will calculate the configuration based on your local sunshine peak time
  • Exact working hours of lights every day (such as 5 or 10 hours every day).
  • Rough consecutive rainy days (such as 3 to 4 days) are required to be guaranteed to keep the lights working normally
  • Height of light poles or width of roads.
  • Brightness of street lights required (such as 30 watt Ied lamp)
What' s the sunshine peak time?

The sunshine peak time refers to the unit strength of the sunlight reaching the earth every hour. Only strong intensity of the sunlight can be absorbed and converted That' s to say, it is measured at noon, within 3-4 hours before and after noon(depend on different location) During that time the charging effect of the solar panel is the best.

How to know when the solar street lights are turned on and turned off?

The controller we use is an intelligent waterproof controller, which is composed of light controller and time controller. After it is installed and set up, no man-made operation is needed. The cotrol function in solar lighting system is equal to people' s brain, which is connected with solar panels of absorbing sunlight, storage batteries of storing energy and the lamp of lighting. When it senses the voltage of solar panel dropping down to the certain level, it will automatically turn on the circuit of lamp. And when the setting working hours of lighting is ended, it will turn off the light automatically. Besides the funchiton of intelligent light control switching-on and switching-off, such intelligent controller has many other functions, such as Prevent battery from overcharge or over discharge

If there are several consecutive rainy days occurring, what shall we do? Can it be working normally?
You don' t need to worry about it. We have taken it into our consideration. You can advise us the specification with the consecutive rainy days which needs to be guaranteed. If you don' t have the clear need for that, we will recommend to you the local regular consecutive rainy days.