Lighting Pole

Technical Parameters


Q235 Steel


No crack, no leakage welding, no bite edge, weld smooth level off without the concavo-convex fluctuation or any welding defects.


Hot Dip Inside and outside surface anti-corrosion treatment by hot dipping acid Zinc coating is more than 85 um thick, which is in accord with GB/Tl3912-92 standard Designed life of pole is more than 30 years, and the galvanized surface is smooth and with the same color Flake peeling hasn't been seen after maul testl


Powder Coating, color can be customized




Flange is welded in the bottom base of the pole

Life Span

20 Years

Typical Installation Arrangement

The solar street lights have several installation type as following, steel pole height would be subject to the type of arrangement, proportion as listed, for example, a 12m road width choose type (b), pole height will be 8.5m, if type(c),pole height will be 6m.

Pole height: Road width
Type a b c d e
Proportion 1 : 1 0.7:1 0.5:1 0.5:1 0.9:1

Typical LED watt with pole height

Pole Height LED Watt illumination Ground Spacing Distance Suit for Road
3m 10W 10 lux 8-9m 3-5m
4m 15W 15 lux 10-12m 4-6m
5m 20W 20 lux 14-16m 5-7m
6m 30W 20 lux 16-18m 6-8m
7m 40W 25 lux 20-22m 7-9m
8m 50W 27 lux 23-25m 8-10m
9m 60W 27 lux 26-28m 9-11m
10m 70W 25 lux 29-31m 10-12m
11m 80W 20 lux 32-34m 11-13m