Gel Battery


Battery Type

Free maintenance gel deep recycle battery

Rated Voltage


Max Discharge Current

30110A (3min}

Self Discharge (25℃)

<2%/ month

Cover Material

ABS Engineering Plastic

Capacity Affected By Temperature

105% @ 40℃
85% @ 0℃
60% @ -20℃

Designed Time

5~7 years


Low Self-Discharge:

Plate with no antim on alloy,improves the hydrogen evolution overpotential sell-discharge rate is less than 2%,Stored for two years at 20℃ without supplying electricity, the battery can has a capacity of more than 50%.

Wide Working Temperature:

By using gel electrolyte (solid). the battery is of strong heat capacity, and heat dissipation ability, can avoid thermal runaway phenomenon, so operation is highly reliable in the high temperature. the normal working temperature can reach 40℃-~60℃.

Better Deep Discharge Resistance:

Having over discharge and overcharge protection function, The battery car restore the original capacity in 3 weeks even if 100% discharged.

Long Cycle Time:

Adopted the German made electrolyte formula, special additives, and low acid concentration the board gate corrosion is slower and the cycle time is longer.