Solar controllers are used in solar photovoltaic systems to coordinate the functions of solar panels, batteries, and loads. Which is the very significant component in photovoltaic systems to make the entire solar photovoltaic system work efficiently and safely.

Working Mode

Comm on Working Mode: The working time can be divided into four periods, Every period of working time can be adjusted from 0-15 hours, and working power can be adjusted from 0%-100%.

Morning Lighting Mode: Controller can calculate the time of sunrise.

Intelligent Working Mode: The loading power of LED will adjust automatically according to the capacity of battery. The system will choose the smaller one between the automatically setting power and users setting power as the loading output power.

For example: When the capacity of battery is 50%. the loading power that calculated by intelligent power is 60%.lf users set the loading power as 60%, the final loading power is 60%.If user set the loading power as 20%, the final loading power is 20%.